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Life Quotes in Urdu – Life is the part of presence that forms, demonstrations, responds, assesses, and develops through development (multiplication and digestion). The critical contrast between life and non-life (or non-living things) is that experience utilizes vitality for physical and cognizant improvement. Life is whatever develops and, in the end, kicks the bucket, i.e., stops to multiply and be conscious.


Would we be able to state that infections, for instance, are deliberate? Indeed, to the extent that they respond to improvements; however, they are alive basically because they imitate and develop. PCs are non-living because although they can cognize, they don’t grow naturally (advance), and can’t deliver posterity. It isn’t comprehension that decides life, at that point: it is somewhat expansion and development towards a condition of death, and demise happens to live substances.


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Now and then we all need motivation for our life that we are doing great that we will be fine and that the hard time will be over. Sometimes this motivation is given to us by our friends or family, books or even motivational quotes about life can help too. There are thousands of inspirational quotes Urdu wrote by our ancestors that may help us to live our life at fullest. There is a large variety of amazing quotes in Urdu.


A vast range of famous Urdu quotes is present on the internet left to us by our ancestors. You can now even find all the references to copy-paste the various types like Urdu quotes about life and love, hard life quotes in Urdu, or motivational quotes in Urdu sharing it through social media. Not only these quotes inspire us but sharing it with others through WhatsApp status or Facebook post or sharing life quotes in Urdu by SMS can also help others to stay put. These Urdu Quotes About Life are a gift to us by our Forefathers, delivering the message to be happy and active no matter what.


Urdu Quotes About Life And Love


Zindagi quotes in Urdu have a dazzling ability to compel others and change how we feel about ourselves. This is the explanation I find them so captivating and fundamental on our approaches to advance. So, what’s their puzzle?


At the point when you change the idea of your thinking, you turn a fantastic idea, every so often in a split second. Let be straightforward. Notwithstanding how lively, amiable, and upbeat you are in life all around; there would be times when you’d feel abandoned. There are times in our life when the most confided in people desert you when you require them the most.


There come times when you think that no one comprehends you, and you are in isolation right now. In those unforgiving conditions, it is, to be sure, easy to go into disheartening and feel terrible about presence. These conditions give you distress, and one lucky thing about torment is that it makes you more grounded, and it broadens your typical scopes of commonality. Once that dreadful time is gone, you come back to present with more quality and another type of yourself.

Aap Kay Badtreen Dushman

Aap Kay Badtreen Dushman Aksar Wo Loog Sabit Hotay Hain

Jin Se Aap Ki Behtreen Jaan Pehchaan Hoti Hai..!

آپ کے بدترین دشمن اکثر وہ لوگ ثابت ہوتے ہیں

جن سے آپ کی بہترین جان پہچان ہوتی ہے

Jab Kisi Kay Liay

Jab Kisi Kay Liay Aap Ka Hona Na Hona Barabar Ho To

Us Ko Apnay Honay Ka Baar Baar Shidat Se Ehsaas Dilatay Rehna Be Maani Hai Raabtay Utnay He Rakho Jitnay Takleef Na Dain..!

جب کسی کے لیے آپ کا ہونا نہ ہونا برابر ہو تو

اس کو اپنے ہونے کا بار بار شدت سے احساس دلاتے رہنا بے معنی ہے رابطے اتنے ہی رکھو جتنے تکلیف نہ دیں

Kisi Ko Sirf Chahna

Kisi Ko Sirf Chahna Muhabbat Nahin

Us Ki Zaat Kay Tamam Pehlon Ko Tasleem Karna Muhabbat Hai..!

کسی کو صرف چاہنا محبّت نہیں

اس کی ذات کے تمام پہلوؤں کو تسلیم کرنا محبّت ہے

Muhabbat Kay Paida Honay Me

Muhabbat Kay Paida Honay Me Dair Lagti Hai Magar Nafrat Kay Paida Honay Main Koi Dair Nahin Lagti

Pehli Chez Jitni Mushkil Hai Dosri Chez Utni He Aasaan Hai..!

محبّت کے پیدا ہونے میں دیر لگتی ہے مگر نفرت کے پیدا ہونے میں کوئی دیر نہیں لگتی

پہلی چیز جتنی مشکل ہے دوسری چیز اتنی ہی آسان ہے

Zarori Nahin Kay Saaray Sabaq

Zarori Nahin Kay Saaray Sabaq Kitabon Se He Seekhain

Kuch Sabaq Zindagi Aur Kuch Rishtay Bhe Sikha Daitay Hain..!

ضروری نہیں کے سارے سبق کتابوں سے ہی سیکھیں

کچھ سبق زندگی اور کچھ رشتے بھی سکھا دیتے ہیں

Aurat Kay Sensez

Aurat Kay Sensez itnay Tez Hain Kay Wo Nazar Aur Niyat Pehchaan Laiti Hai

Darasal Wo Dhooka Us Waqt Khaati Hai Jab Wo Khud Ko Dhoka Daina Chahay..!

عورت کے سینسز اتنے تیز ہیں کے وہ نظر اور نیت پہچان لیتی ہے

دراصل وہ دھوکہ اس وقت کھاتی ہے جب وہ خود کو دھوکہ دینا چاہے